Can you take photos of a few knives, for me to choose from?

Although handmade knives are unique, they are quite consistent in terms of quality and all copies have the same aesthetics. The only variation comes from the texture of natural material (e.g. wood texture, buffalo horn's colors / patterns), or as a result of manual finishing (hammered pattern, Damascus folding). 

If you really wish to choose from a few copies of the same knife, we can take photos for you. Due to limited resources, there will be a fee of $10 (USD) which must be paid before photos are taken.

Please note that this service does not reserve knives, and we cannot guarantee the knife you end up choosing will be available. If the particular copy you have picked is no longer available and provided you have made a choice within 14 days, we'll refund you the fee in full.

To make a request, simply use the "Contact us" button below, and let us know which knife you'd like photos taken for multiple copies. Please also specify which area you'd like us to focus on so we could send additional close up photos.

Please note that we can only take photos of currently-available inventory of the same variant of the same knife, up to a quantity of 5 copies. For knives with more than 5 copies in stock, we'll choose 5 random copies for you to choose from. For each service fee paid, we can only take photos once. 

This fee is non-refundable whether you end up buying the knife or not, except when you have picked a knife within 14 days after receiving our photos and the knife was no longer available.

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