I changed my mind after the order is shipped, can I just reject the delivery?

If you changed our mind after the order is shipped, you should accept delivery and request a return authorization (RMA) from us. Returning postage shall be paid by the customer. (We offer free returns for knives with conditions)

If you reject delivery, the courier would charge us an inbound/return fee (often much higher than outbound fare and the postage you'll otherwise pay if you return it yourself). This fee along with the outbound postage will be deducted from the refund.

It would cost you less to go through proper return procedure, as our outbound shipping is often provided to our customer as free shipping, or at a heavily subsidized rate. 

For example, if you reject delivery of a knife valued at $300 with free shipping option. We'll deduct the outbound postage (actual shipping cost) and inbound return postage charged by courier (which is often much higher than outbound). However if you go through proper return procedure, all you have to pay is the return postage (and in some cases, the return postage is paid by us). We'll refund $300 back to your card.

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