Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

Yes we ship to 223 countries worldwide, including all US Territories. 

COVID-19 Update (Jun 27) Burrfection Store is operating as usual and not affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Your orders will be shipped within one business day. Delivery by DHL Express takes 3-6 business days.

Free Shipping to Puerto Rico

We provide free Express Shipping for our Puerto Rican customers, for orders $150 or above. For orders less than $150 in value, there is a delivery charge of $9.

Delivery Time to Puerto Rico

Delivery takes 3-6 business days by DHL Express or FedEx Priority.

Puerto Rico Excise Tax

There is no import duty to pay, however orders to Puerto Rico are subject to 11.5% excise tax, to be levied at time of delivery. Customers are responsible to make this tax payment at time of delivery.

How to choose Puerto Rico during checkout

We understand that Puerto Rico is a US territory and not a state of United States. However the platform we use for our Ecommerce has included Puerto Rico as a state of United States. During checkout, please choose "United States" as country, and choose Puerto Rico from the list of US states.

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